Year-round league and enhanced analytics for nominees

Jul 18, 2023
Year-round league and enhanced analytics for nominees

Since its inception in 2020, TWCR has operated as a three-month competition held from September to December. In a move driven by continuous platform innovation, TWCR is transitioning from a seasonal format to a year-round league starting in 2024.

Empowering Nominees with Advanced Analytics

TWCR has implemented a major upgrade to its nominee portal. This enhanced platform equips participating CEOs with detailed analytics on their voting results, profile views, and clicks on their social media and website links. This valuable data grants nominees unprecedented insight into their progress and audience engagement. CEOs can leverage these insights to refine their strategies and continuously elevate their public profile.

The World CEO Rankings is committed to providing a dynamic and rewarding experience for all participants. These upgrades not only elevate the competition's prestige but also empower CEOs to showcase their leadership capabilities on a global stage. This evolution positions TWCR as a leading platform for recognizing and celebrating exceptional C-suite leaders who are shaping the future of business.