TWCR remains neutral amidst global conflicts

Aug 22, 2023
TWCR remains neutral amidst global conflicts

In light of recent global unrest, including armed conflict between certain nations, the TWCR organization feels compelled to reaffirm its core principles. Hereby, TWCR reiterates its position of complete neutrality regarding political matters. We remain firmly committed to upholding our longstanding policy of inclusivity, welcoming CEOs from all countries and across all industries to participate in the Award program.

Leadership Above All

As the world grapples with complex challenges, exceptional leadership is more crucial than ever. TWCR recognizes that CEOs across all industries play a vital role in shaping a better future. We believe that businesses, regardless of their sector, can be powerful forces for good, driving innovation, promoting social responsibility, and fostering global understanding.

Condemnation of Violence

While TWCR champions inclusivity and celebrates diversity across all industries, we unequivocally condemn war and violence on a global scale. We believe in the unifying power of business and its ability to bridge divides, promote cooperation, and foster a more peaceful world.

A Commitment to Excellence

TWCR will continue to uphold its rigorous selection process, ensuring that the Award recognizes CEOs who demonstrate exceptional leadership, drive positive change and inspire others. We look forward to receiving nominations from outstanding CEOs across all industries and from around the globe.