Introducing the new, refined logo

Jun 6, 2023
Introducing the new, refined logo

Since its inception in 2020, TWCR has established itself as a cornerstone of global CEO recognition. This logo refresh signifies the organization's commitment to continuous improvement and reflects its impressive growth trajectory.

Preserving core values, embracing progress

The refreshed logo retains the core elements that have become synonymous with TWCR. The iconic wreath continue to symbolize the program's international reach and the equal opportunity afforded to all CEOs, regardless of company size, industry, or location.

A focus on stability and growth

Subtle yet impactful changes elevate the logo's symbolism. Standard stars have been replaced with eight-pointed ones, representing stability and unwavering progress. The inclusion of the founding year (2020) serves as a reminder of TWCR's remarkable journey.

The power of gold

The dominant gold color remains at the heart of the logo, representing excellence, achievement, and victory. The golden hue underscores the prestige associated with being recognized by TWCR, a mark of distinction for CEOs worldwide.