Voter security strengthened with cutting-edge encryption

Apr 21, 2023
Voter security strengthened with cutting-edge encryption

Another significant step towards enhancing voter security. Through a recent update to their voting code, all phone numbers submitted via Text-to-Vote and WhatsApp voting methods are now instantly encrypted upon reaching the server.

Unveiling a wall of protection

The first line of defense involves encrypting incoming phone numbers using the robust SHA-256 encryption algorithm. This process transforms phone numbers into unreadable, scrambled data, effectively rendering them useless for potential attackers. Importantly, this encryption is one-way, meaning TWCR can still utilize the encrypted data to verify votes and enforce the "one vote per phone number" rule.

SHA-256: A trusted guardian

SHA-256 is a widely recognized and highly secure cryptographic hash function. It generates a unique, fixed-length string of characters (a "hash") from any input data. This hash acts as a digital fingerprint, uniquely identifying the original data without revealing it. Even the slightest change in the original data will result in a completely different hash value. In simpler terms, SHA-256 makes it virtually impossible to decrypt the scrambled phone numbers, safeguarding voter privacy and preventing malicious manipulation of the voting system.

Transparency and unwavering commitment

TWCR prioritizes voter security and the integrity of its platform. By implementing this advanced encryption layer, they ensure that even in the unlikely event of a data breach, attackers would only encounter an impenetrable wall of encrypted data. TWCR representatives themselves are also unable to access phone numbers in their decrypted form, further solidifying voter anonymity.

This commitment to security underlines TWCR's dedication to providing a fair and reliable voting experience for all nominees.