Simplified voting with unified number

Mar 20, 2023
Simplified voting with unified number

We are proud to announce a streamlined voting system for the next season. Voters can now cast their ballots via SMS text message or Whatsapp message to a single, unified number: +1 240 240 7220.

Enhanced convenience for voters

This innovation represents a significant upgrade to the TWCR voting experience. Previously, voters needed to remember separate phone numbers for SMS and Whatsapp voting. By implementing a unified number, TWCR eliminates confusion and simplifies participation for all voters.

A commitment to accessibility

The new system prioritizes accessibility. The memorable number, +1 240 240 7220, is easy to recall and share. Furthermore, TWCR emphasizes that Whatsapp voting incurs no additional charges for voters. For SMS voting, standard message rates determined by the voter's mobile carrier apply. TWCR itself does not impose any additional fees.

Maintaining the integrity of the vote

The core voting principles remain unchanged. Each phone number is eligible for a single vote per season. A vote cast via SMS cannot be replicated using Whatsapp, and vice versa. Votes expire after one year, allowing voters to cast a new vote for the same CEO or a different nominee at that time.