Colin Davies

Colin Davies

Allgon Group



Allgon Group has under its banner Allgon Pest Control, which has been operating for 39 years, and Allgon Decontamination, which has been serving for 15 years. Allgon International has been working for ten years. These are the leading companies. There are smaller ventures as well.
Allgon Pest Control [Sri Lanka] has been operating for three years. Sri Lanka, Due to the state of Covid, then the collapse of the economy has been working to help people who are struggling and desperate. The employees are still paid and have been for three years, even though the company has not been paid for what has been done; under the direction of Colin Davies, The company has provided the people with food... Continue reading

2022 World CEO of the Year

1. Martin Rowinski United States 2424 VOTES
2. Colin Davies 1984 VOTES
3. Hamid Mahmood Pakistan 1870 VOTES
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