New trophy unveiled: Prestigious recognition of CEO excellence

Apr 8, 2024
New trophy unveiled: Prestigious recognition of CEO excellence

The World CEO Rankings (TWCR) is proud to announce the creation of a new trophy to be awarded to its champions at the end of each season.

This prestigious award embodies the spirit of the TWCR and its dedication to recognizing exceptional leadership at the C-suite level. The trophy itself is a striking golden letter "C," symbolizing both "CEO Rankings" and the esteemed C-level executives who compete in the program. The "C" is presented on a sleek black pedestal, creating a visually stunning and sophisticated centerpiece.

More than just a symbolic token, the TWCR trophy is crafted with the highest quality materials, ensuring it becomes a cherished symbol of achievement for years to come. The winning CEO will take immense pride in displaying this unique trophy in their office, a constant reminder of their dedication and success, sure to impress friends, colleagues, and business partners alike.

Trophy Awarded Across All Levels

The TWCR trophy will be awarded to champions at all levels of competition – global, national, regional, and local – provided the leaderboard on which they triumphed remains active throughout the season. It's important to note that according to TWCR regulations, a CEO who finishes the season in first place on multiple leaderboards (Global and lower-tier leaderboards) will only receive the trophy for their highest achieved position.

This new trophy serves as a tangible representation of the unparalleled achievements celebrated by The World CEO Rankings. It further underscores the organization's unwavering commitment to honoring and propelling exceptional C-suite leadership on a global scale.