Jerry Greenberg teams up with Brian J. Esposito for "WHOLE LOTTA MUSIC" launch

May 28, 2024
Jerry Greenberg teams up with Brian J. Esposito for

Brian J. Esposito established himself early on by launching successful beauty brands for celebrities like Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian, while also building a leading global beauty distributor. This experience became the foundation for Esposito Intellectual Enterprises (EIE), which now boasts over 110 entities and 200 joint ventures across more than 25 industries.

Esposito highlights his love for the music industry and his excitement to collaborate with music legend Jerry Greenberg on his new book "WHOLE LOTTA MUSIC." He believes his extensive business and marketing experience, including being ranked a top-10 CEO, will make the book launch a success.

Esposito said: “Of all the work I do across so many wonderful industries, my progression and growth in the music industry will always be my favorite. Today is a monumental day for me to announce working with someone I highly admire and respect, an absolute idol of mine and someone the music and entertainment industry will always be indebted to, Mr. Jerry Greenberg. I know working alongside Mr. Greenberg and Dr. Peters we will accomplish one of the most successful book launches ever. These stories need to, and will be, known to music lovers everywhere and live on forever.”

Jerry Greenberg is equally enthusiastic about working with Brian, calling him a "rock-star talent" and praising his marketing prowess.

Both partners are eager to share Jerry Greenberg's captivating story with music fans everywhere.