Press Room

Whether you represent a local publication, a well-established online platform, or any media outlet in between, TWCR welcomes you to explore a potential collaboration.

By working together, TWCR and media outlets can achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. Media gain access to exclusive content, valuable website traffic, and the chance to interview award-winning CEOs. TWCR receives the targeted promotion and expands its reach to business professionals.

Before contacting us, please take a moment to explore this page and learn more about what we expect and what we offer.

Once you've familiarized yourself with the details, simply contact us at

What TWCR offers

Year-Long Banner Placement: A high-traffic Leaderboards pages will feature your prominent banner with a hyperlink to your website for a full year.

Partnership Recognition: Your media outlet will be listed as a valued partner on the TWCR website's dedicated Partners page.

Exclusive Winner Interviews: Get exclusive interviews with TWCR Award winners at all levels (local, regional, national, and global) to create captivating content that shares the human stories behind the awards.

What TWCR expects

While TWCR appreciates ongoing coverage of the TWCR Awards program, we understand that media outlets have specific editorial calendars. Therefore, we primarily require two pieces of content focused on TWCR:

1. Introductory Feature: An initial piece introducing CEO Rankings to your audience. This could be an article explaining the concept, its significance among business professionals, and the benefits of participation.

2. Awards Announcement or Recap: A follow-up piece announcing the TWCR Award nominees or showcasing the eventual winners. This could be an article highlighting the achievements of the winners.