Schedule & Prizes

During the season, we reward the winners three times. The first two times are honorary prizes in the TWCR credits without certificates and trophies, while the final prize announces the winners for this year with all honors, certificates and trophies.

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2021 Awards Season Calendar

2021 Awards Season Calendar

The Awards race starts on September 1 and ends on November 30, 2021. New nominations will be accepted for review until November 23.

Sep 1 - Nov 23 Awards nominations
Sep 1 - Nov 30 Voting
September 30 Honorary Prizes I
October 31 Honorary Prizes II
November 30 Announcement of winners

The earlier you enter the Awards, the better promotion you will get and your chances of winning are higher!

Winners' prizes

On November 20 we will announce the winners for the 2021 season, and the first three winners will get:

Personalized The World CEO Rankings Awards trophy.
Printed Certificate of achievement.
1yr promotion in all official capacities.

Also, our partner Exp24.Net awards the first three winners with Founders+ packages that include a full list of benefits including unlimited impressions and clicks for your ads, as follows:
1st: Unlimited for 3 years.
2nd: Unlimited for 2 years.
3rd: Unlimited for 1 year.

The next seven winners (4th to 10th) will receive a digital certificate so they can print it out and show off their achievements.

Honorary Prizes

Honorary Prizes in TWCR credits will be awarded based on the current ranking for the specified dates at 5 p.m. EST.

Honorary Prizes I$1,000$500$300
Honorary Prizes II$2,000$1,000$500
Winners trophies
Winners trophies for the 2020 season

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