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Adewunmi Akingbola

Adewunmi Akingbola

HealthDrive Nigeria, Levine Health



Adewunmi Akingbola is a Global ChangeMaker who is very enthusiastic about creating solutions to Nigeria’s most pressing healthcare needs from launching initiatives to leveraging on technology to birth his aim into reality.

Adewunmi is the Founder and CEO of HealthDrive Nigeria, a social enterprise that serves to tackle the menace of Hepatitis in Nigeria by conducting free Hepatitis B tests and highly subsidized vaccination against Hepatitis B.
He is currently a cofounder and the CEO of Levine Health, an healthtech company that provides a progressive Web application (MEDICALY) to solve the gross inaccessibility to medical consultation and to redefine Outpatient care in Nigeria.

2021 World CEO of the Year

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14. Mauricio Charbonnier Argentina 0 VOTES
15. Adewunmi Akingbola 0 VOTES
16. Amarrai Cabell United States 0 VOTES
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