The World CEO Rankings (TWCR) are online Awards owned by Plus Media Group. The Awards are launched to acknowledge the best CEOs worldwide through the strict nomination process and three-month-long voting season.

There are the three main features that we established when the Awards were founded in 2020 and that we follow to this day:

Decision-makers: No certified board in charge or sponsors can influence the winner's announcement. The decision-makers are friends and business partners of the nominees.

Season: The season lasts three months (Sep 1 - Nov 30), giving all the nominees enough time and an equal chance to win.

No. of Nominees: Our constant efforts to improve and enhance the platform bring visible results every season; until this moment, the race for the 2022 title joined more than 500 CEOs worldwide. Nominees >>>



Upon joining the Awards, each nominee receives a unique voting email address and a 4-digit number. To vote, you can choose between corporate email, WhatsApp chat or Text to Vote.

Depending on the method you want to use, you should send an email, send a message via WhatsApp chat or SMS. Whichever method you choose, it takes less than a minute, and on the other hand, it guarantees the highest security and transparency for voters and the nominees.

You can find detailed instructions on how to vote on the nominees' pages.


The fact that you beat a few hundred CEOs from around the world during the three-month season is the greatest reward that will significantly impact your reputation amongst your clients, friends, and business partners.

In addition, TWCR is the absolute leader in the prize packages for winners. From special naming rights through full one-season promotion and trophies with engraved names. To learn more, please visit the Prizes page.

Winners trophies
Winners trophies for the 2020 season

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